Outline(L x W x H)mm: 19.6 x 15.6 x 15.0
● S3H Series Relay covers switching capacity by 10A is spite of miniature spite to comply with user’s wide selection.
● The employment of suitable plastic materials is applied under high temperature condition and various chemical solutions.
● SPNO, SPNC, SPDT and sealed flux free & sealed Washable type are available.
Ordering information
S3H - 12B 1A - S
1   2 3   4
1. S3H -- Basic series designation
2. 12 -- Coil Voltage (3V~48V)
  B -- High sensitivity Type (0.24W)
      Blank: Standard Type (0.36W)
3. 1A -- Form A, normally open (SPNO)
  1B -- Form B, normally closed (SPNC)
  1C -- Form C, double-throw (SPDT)
4. S -- Sealed type washable
      Blank; Sealed type
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